<b>2012 Asset Allocation Survey</b><br>INFOGRAPHICS

2012 Asset Allocation Survey

Created look for Mercer’s IC 2012 survey results.

<b>HR Forum App</b>

HR Forum App

Created look for Mercer’s Latin American Caribbean HR Forum app.

<b>iPhone/Android App</b>

iPhone/Android App

Created look and template for Mercer app (CSS, HTML5, jQuery)

<b>Typography experiments</b>

Typography experiments

Exercise in typography exploration using one letter, one word and a paragraph of type to create compositions […]



Part of a series focused on type and environment.

<b>Fotograbado</b><br>PHOTOGRAPHY BOOK


Photography book I designed to showcase a series of my photographs from rural Colombia.

<b>Typography series</b>

Typography series

Typography exercise morphing an object into a related letter.

<b>Logo exploration</b>

Logo exploration

Illustration for logo using “4f”